Mining Facility in Tennessee Impleaded In a Lawsuit Filed Under Law of Tort

Neighbors residing adjacent to a crypto mining facility in Tennessee moved to the Court for seeking redressal against the noise coming out of the mining farm. Under the law of tort, neighbors have filed a lawsuit in which the plaintiffs have been praying that the operator of the mining facility namely “Red Dog” be stopped forthwith to carry out mining operations immediately while also claiming compensation as damages to the noise pollution caused by the miner.

The law of tort is a different field of law altogether because it involves seeking remedies against wrong doings of civil nature. The law guarantees compensation to the aggrieved party if a person commits a wrongful act either willfully or un-intentionally.

However, the law of tort is implemented in its true form in mostly developed and modern countries only like the US, Canada, UK etc. But usually the law is not implemented in countries which are poor or under-developing countries.

If there is a US citizen and has an annoying neighbor who obstructs his pathway, then the annoying neighbor can be sued. The relevant court, under the law of tort, will admit the case, summon the neighbor and ask him to keep the pathway cleared.

In addition, the plaintiff can seek compensation against the harm or frustration caused to him by neighbor’s actions. It is then Court’s discretion to direct the wrongdoer to pay compensation as damages to the plaintiff as Court may deem fit.

The law of tort has once again been invoked in the US, especially the State of Tennessee. However, this time the wrongdoer is not a neighbor but a crypto mining facility. It has been reported in the press that the neighbors have filed a suit against a crypto mining facility operated by Red Dog Technologies.

The allegation against the mining farm operator is that the facility was causing unbearable noise pollution. The plaintiff has alleged in the plaint that the mining facility creates an undeniably obnoxious sounds all day long.

Consequently, the plaintiff cannot enjoy peaceful living and has had to live in severe conditions which are causing headaches and anxiety. The plaintiff also told the Court that the matter was initially taken to the Mayor and Red Dog agreed to get rid of the noise problem. However, Red Dog did not fulfil its promise and, hence, the suit is being filed.

In the history of US law, the present lawsuit is first of its kind. There are hundreds of tort law suits filed on daily basis but mining facility has been impleaded first time in US history.

This is a great opportunity for the US Court to lay down a new and distinct case law on the subject. The case is still pending and its fate is yet to be decided by the Court.

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