DAO Maker And Trust Are Improving User Experience

Trust Wallet Extension and the decentralized financial service DAO Maker have declared a collaboration. On November 21, 2022, the news was released. A partnership campaign was started to promote extensibility features, such as increased Web-3 availableness and practical self-storage investor portfolios. 

The prizes giveaway

Prize money is used by DAO to mark the beginning of a campaign. The largest cryptocurrency incubator in the world, DAO Maker, has launched over 100 projects and has received $32 million in funding.

A few examples of the market leaders that the company is including on its platform and setting trends across the board are Alice, XCAD, and Step App.

Now, the authorities of the company are giving away free Oat NFTs to lucky users to mark the beginning of the new business concern with the Trust services, as it was announced on the company’s Twitter account. 

The redistributed financial service also promised to gift $TWT, a $2,000 native token of the Trust platform. The 20 winners with the most points will each receive a portion of the prize in equal amounts.

Completing individual tasks increased the likelihood of winning and was one of the reward criteria. The last chance for taking part in the giveaway was set for December 6, giving contestants time to collect points and finish tasks. 

Referring to the Trust Wallet extension

The wallet service, which was created by Trust not so long ago, and is supported by more than 70 crypto-related services and more than eight-million cryptocurrency items, intends to become the best crypto wallet application by supplying users with a reliable and secure way to trade crypto.

In addition to NFTs, a number of other cryptocurrencies, such as Bitcoin, can also be sent, received, and stored using the Trust Wallet mobile app. On November 14, 2022, the recently released Trust Wallet extension was formally launched.

All Web3 and Trust Wallet users worldwide now have a new way to access the decentralized web thanks to the launch of the browser extension. This add-on is functional and accessible in a number of popular browsers, including Chrome, Opera, Brave, and Edge. 

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