Group 500 Review – Is Group 500 a Satisfactory Brokerage firm?

Group 500 Review

Group 500 logoGroup 500 is a modern and top-notch forex, crypto, and CFD broker. The broker has recently gained a lot of popularity. Group 500 is aiming to assist all kinds of traders. The design is an elegant and professional combination of static and dynamic features. This Group 500 broker review will assist you to choose the ideal broker.

We aren’t here to judge a broker’s visual appeal. We’re more concerned about its usability, which seems to complement its aesthetic. The website transitions are smooth and rapid, allowing for tension-free browsing. In addition to being well-organized, it adds to the reliability of Group 500. So the broker makes a good first impression. It seems to be a user-friendly firm.

Group 500 website

Professional Assistance

The most typical issue traders and investors have is not understanding how to address problems. They may be aware of their errors, but not how to fix them. That’s when an expert can help you out. As a result, Group 500’s customized trading education may be the key to your success. It’s part of the broker’s offering, so you get normally expensive consultations for free.


It is clear that the broker takes considerable care to educate its traders. Part of that is, as we indicated in our Group 500 analysis, individual trading sessions. It also has fantastic educational materials that help traders grow quickly. Its website has tons of free videos and text content you may view before registering. So, even before trading, you may brace yourself.

No Hidden Charges

Group 500 also excels at funding, which is swift and open. There are no secret fees while making a deposit or withdrawal. Unlike other brokers, you get exactly what you deposit. Moreover, transaction speed is essential to sustaining a smooth trade flow. The broker’s funding structure reduces delay and increases efficiency.

Asset Offering

The Group 500 asset selection allows consumers to easily diversify their investments. The large selection also enables consistent trade product quality. carries the following asset classes:

Forex, Stocks, Metals, Energies, Cryptocurrencies, and CFDs.

Trading Accounts

The accounts are fantastic since they are investment-based. It also has the benefit of account creation free. That’s because you keep your entire deposit and can trade it. You can also update gradually rather than all at once.


Fortunately, Group 500 appears to be among the few brokers willing to demonstrate their authenticity. Starting with its site, which the broker designed to provide information about it easily accessibly. So customers may easily examine the broker and get all the information they need. Similarly, we reviewed the broker’s terms of service, which appear to be transparent. Overall, the broker appears to be honest about its offering.

We should additionally consider other non-broker-related conditions. For example, a broker’s location might tell us a great deal about their regulation. Group 500 is a Swiss-based broker. This is a highly regulated country with no room for unethical business made broker also has an excellent reputation among traders. The remaining two aspects we feel like mentioning are encryption and verification. Those two also give a layer of defense against hackers and people who want to use trading platforms for illegal activities.

Those two also give a layer of defense against hackers and people who want to use trading platforms for illegal activities.

Trading Platform

The broker employs a custom platform optimized for web and mobile. Traders can now operate a business on the go without any difficulties. The interface is also friendly for both beginners and expert traders. Finally, it offers sophisticated features that allow experienced traders to maximize their returns.

Customer Care

Its customer support staff is knowledgeable and responsive. So your trade will be mostly unaffected since the crew will rapidly resolve any issues. You can reach them via phone or email 24 hours a day.


After reading this comprehensive review, you may be convinced a bit. If you are, then go to the broker’s website and navigate these features yourself, you will find them helpful.

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