Interactive Brokers Review – Why You Should Trade With Broker?

Interactive Brokers Review

Interactive Brokers logoInteractive Brokers is a name that traders should quickly familiarise themselves with as this is a broker that has been known to help its clients earn substantial profits time and again. This is due to a number of factors that shall be discussed in this in-depth Interactive Brokers review. After reading the review, you will therefore have enough knowledge about the broker to make an informed decision about whether you should sign up with it or not.

Account options

Needless to say, each trader is going to be inherently different in terms of what the preferences and needs will be pertaining to every individual. What you may want out of online trading could be completely different as compared to what someone else might want for instance. It is for this reason that an online brokerage must provide different account types that traders can comfortably choose from. Interactive Brokers subscribes to this mindset too and has therefore provided several different account options.

With that being said, there are thus account options catered for individual traders, and then there are others designed for friends as well as family advisors. Furthermore, the ability to manage, trade and report on several accounts via one single master account makes this broker unique in its approach as far as the account options are concerned. Moreover, the single integrated account function is highly innovative.

Interactive Brokers website

Asset index

When you sign up with Interactive Brokers, you will be given access to some of the top global leading financial markets. Being able to access such a wide variety of assets is essential in order to have a fully diversified portfolio, which is crucial in this day and age as a diversified portfolio will reduce your chances of incurring losses while simultaneously increasing the possibilities of earning more profits from a wide variety of different sources.

As such, when you sign up with this broker, you will be able to trade with several different tradable asset categories such as bonds, cryptocurrencies, fiat currencies, stocks, options, and even futures. Once again, all of these can be managed easily from a single integrated account.

Trading platform

The trading platform of Interactive Brokers is also highly innovative as well as unique. The website looks sleek, crisp, and highly professional, in addition to being incredibly easy to use. Both seasoned veterans and new traders alike should have no problem using this platform. Furthermore, the broker’s ‘client portal’ will be able to provide you access to everything that you will need to have thanks to the web-based application which essentially serves as a convenient one-stop location for all of your trading needs.

Moreover, the ‘trader workstation’ provided by Interactive Brokers is a state-of-the-art desktop trading platform that provides flexibility and power to investors and traders who may desire to trade with multiple products simultaneously. Finally, the trading platform is also fully compatible with Android as well as iOS-based devices.


As is the case with many other online brokerages, Interactive Brokers also provides you access to a wide range of different educational materials. These resources can be used to improve your knowledge and understanding of the online trading sector and should therefore be utilized on a regular basis. As such, you’ll be given access to valuable resources such as a trader’s calendar, a trader’s glossary a trader’s academy, and also different webinars which are great opportunities to network with like-minded individuals.

Additionally, you will also be able to access short instructional videos, as well as a student trading lab.


Although various other online brokerages may provide different FAQ sections, the one provided by Interactive Brokers is unlike anything that we have ever witnessed. The FAQ section offered by this broker contains a lot of information pertaining to key topics about the online trading industry in a sophisticated yet easy-to-understand format.

These include queries about common and general questions as well as those centered around account security and protection, in addition to concerns regarding commissions, fees, and interest. You can also find answers to technical problems here as well.

Closing thoughts

Ultimately, if you want to pick a broker that is slightly different from a vast majority of other brokerages yet still highly effective, then Interactive Brokers is a great choice. Not only will you be given access to all kinds of different trading tools and instruments, but everything that the broker does provide to you works well, and rarely will you encounter any problems.

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