The decline of FTX has caused a period of extreme volatility in the cryptocurrency marketplace. Litecoin (LTC), an alternative cryptocurrency, appears to be doing well, though.

The anticipated positive supply dynamics may be responsible for the cryptocurrency’s superior performance. LTC is on the rise. On Twitter, Kaleo asserted that LTC performs well when the market as a whole is bearish. 

The recent pump

Before a sudden rise up to about 0.02 BTC, it frequently experienced periods of sideways bleeding. With a 27 percent increase from yesterday, it is presently exchanged at seventy-eight-dollars per coin.

In the meantime, SOL has increased by fourteen percent in the previous day, reaching $13.18.

With a noticeable increase in interest, LTC has increased by more than forty-three percent in November. BTC and ETH have seen the biggest drops, falling by about twenty-six and nineteen percent, among the major cryptocurrencies.

In eight months, Litecoin’s third halving of the mining reward is anticipated. Every blockchain block’s miner rewards will drop from twelve and a half LTC to six and a quarter LTC as an outcome of this change. 

Perhaps the latest tech tendency alteration is what led to the recent LTC rally. It resembles the optimistic trend that occurred in the recent month after the late decreases in mining reward.

LTC reversed its long-lasting downward tendency, and helped drive Bitcoin broader in the months with the half-prices over the previous two years. 

The optimistic approach

Prior to major events, both conventional and cryptocurrency dealers are more optimistic on crypto. LTC’s latest rallying has been amazing, but it is still unclear if it will be able to cross the trend line that marked the start of the bear market in April 2021.

Healthify was developing a declining graph a few weeks ago. One of the most alarming market signals is the latest alteration, which has been really stunning. 

Litecoin’s two-week comparative force scale is fifty-four. It is presently on the rise and might keep doing so. Further evidence that the price will rise further comes from the fact that it is reaching higher levels than the daily stop levels. 

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