NFT Artist Solomon Talks About Web3 And Metaverse

The victorious NFT creator V. Solomon was questioned by NFT-related company Steez at the beginning of December about sport-related tokens, the computer universe development, Web-3, and his decided future plans.

The talk of media reporters will connect Victor’s real-world graphics to his crypto-art and demonstrate the way these NFTs support the local community and culture.

The role of sport

Basketball plays a central role in Solomon’s artwork as a way of linking offline and online worlds.

When the NFT artist inquired about the freeing aspects of making artworks and operating in Web-3, Solomon emphasized both the path of integrating real-life things into electronic renderings as well as the inspiring basis of having a chance to make objects that will never be a part of reality.

For example, he likes to represent a planet in the form of a basketball ball.

Making up the collection and a team of creators to back up it was made easier by Solomon. He received equal insight and network for his involvement in the release of crypto collectibles from his extensive experience in the conventional art world.

VesselVerse works the same way as Solomon’s physical pieces, getting ideas from different non-fundable token undertakings. His crypto tokens accumulation is traded non-stop. 

The benefits of web-3 for artists

To foster community cooperation, open and can be accessed by everyone on the market.

A crucial component of a Web-3 or Metaverse undertaking and the system’s success, in general, is the users that gather around them and support the projects.

As a growing community that offers a forum for continued visitation, discourses, and reflection on project direction for a variety of collectors, Solomon says it is extremely exciting to work with the NFTs and web-3 projects. 

The artists also welcome Web-3 redistributed nature and its approach to community development rather than avoiding it.

Retraining the system’s segments that might have possessed a negative impression of the cryptocurrency industry and marketplace is the biggest challenge Solomon is currently facing.

Solomon contends that despite this, hardship is worthwhile because Web3’s potential is much greater in comparison with any single setback.