The New Crypto-Trading Bot Is Released On Telegram Platform

The incorporation of TON into the Telegram system demonstrates the cohesion of the blockchain community.

A bot for cryptocurrency exchanging and deals proceedings was created by independent developers from The Open Network community. 

The new system’s introduction

The unity of the blockchain-related developers and users is highlighted by TON Telegram integration.

Clients using the Telegram application can buy and trade crypto inside the app due to a recent upgrade to the crypto-wallet chat-bot.

The engineering team of TON came up with the trading bot this spring.

However, a recent modification of the program has created a useful crypto trading application with a personal wallet of every user. 

This new application makes it easier for cryptocurrency deals for the company’s clients.

Yet, no fees have been introduced for the usage and trading inside the Telegram application and the cost of using the trading bot to purchase cryptocurrency is still almost zero, the future might change.

The investors and traders might have to pay a commissioning fee for each successful transaction that is close to 0.9 percent of the trading level. 

Present and future benefits and features

The number of crypto available for operation is not so huge presently: just BTC and TON can be purchased via the application. BTC is valued at $16,174.

In addition, clients should register with the ON account, so that they will be able to use the service’s functionality to exchange cryptocurrency.

Users send cryptocurrency to receivers via their Telegram personal accounts rather than their wallet numbers.

The main instrument used to make the transactions is the telegram’s unique name and the wallet chat service.

The engineering team is presently working on a new version of it and are advancing fast.

Now one can freely make any trading deals with Toncoin and exchange it with any app user – and there is no need to leave Telegram, as stated by the Telegram Network Foundation representative, highlighting this feature.

Long wallet names or unique apps are now of no use. Projects like TON, in his opinion, are the way of the future.